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  • My device will not connect to the App on my mobile phone
    Charge it for at least one hour. A USB charging cable is provided in the box. Disconnect the charger cable. Check your Phone Settings: Bluetooth ON (you do not need to pair the device) Airplane mode OFF (in the on setting it shuts off Bluetooth) Check Wi-Fi connection is active. Check list of phones we support. If your phone is not on the list let us know and we will try and add it. Moisturize your fingers with hand sanitizer, and ECG gel such as Spectra 360 or a couple of drops of water (ECG is an electrical current from your heart and electricity needs to be conducted; dryness, oily lotions, fabric are non conducting).
  • I do not have wireless or mobile connectivity
    Only ECG Universal Plus is able to store ECGs on the device without wi-fi or mobile service.
  • My recording is "unable to read" (Yellow dot)"
    Do you have an external defibrillator or any kind of pacemaker? They can interfere with the electrical signal being sent from the device to your phone. If you can take it off (i.e., as you do when you shower, sleep, etc.); make a recording when it is off. Are there any other electronic devices near while making the recording? (other phones, laptops, tv etc.) Move away from these electronics to insure there is no interference. Are your hands dry? Try using electrode gel or hand sanitizer. Also try washing your hands and creating a recording while your hands are damp. Are you moving or talking during the recording? Try sitting still, not talking, with yor hands resting on a table to be sure you get a smooth recording.
  • My recording is "irregular heart beat" (Red Dot); what does this mean? What should I do? "
    This means that ECG Check has detected an irregular heart rate rhythm. However since ECG Check is for screening only, and is not a diagnostic device, you are advised to share your ECG waveform with your doctor, or a certified cardiologist or an advance practice clinician (a physician's assistant or registered nurse) any one of whom can read your ECG and provide a diagnosis.
  • I forgot my username and/or password
    Your user name is your email address. Call our hot line to reset your password.
  • Do I need a prescription? How do I get one?
    You can ask your doctor, or an advance practice clinician (a physician's assistant or registered nurse) any one of whom can write you a prescription for using ECG Check. We have provided a summary of the product and service which you can show your doctor when asking for a prescription. Once you have prescription follow the instructions on the App (under Settings) to send us a photo of the prescription and we will activate your account.
  • I can't find my charger cable; can I get a replacement?
    Yes. You can order a replacement charging cable on our website.
  • Is my data secure? Where is it stored?
    Your data is secure. It stored on a cloud server managed by a major technology company. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information regarding the privacy security we provide our users.
  • What do I do after I am done with using ECG Check?
    Please discard it responsibly as you would other home electronic devices and as suggested in the Maintenance Guide.
  • What is the Warranty Policy and Return Procedure?
    Your device is covered by a limited warranty from engineering defects. Please call customer support and make arrangement to return the unit and we will send you a replacement. Please see the Warranty Policy.
  • What does the 'third" finger pad (electrode) on the side do?"
    The 3rd finger pad on the side can be used in place of the left finger pad to take ECGs from other locations on your body, such as those locations on the chest or leg used to take a 2- to 12-lead ECGs. To use the 3rd pad on the side, hold the Right pad with your right hand fingers, and touch the side pad to your knee or ankle (for LII readings), your chest (for V1-v6 readings) etc. Since the skin on your body can get dry, moisturize with drop of water of water based, non-oily gel. Ask your doctor or nurse for more information.
  • How do I clean it?
    With a soft damp cloth or wipe. Please see the product maintenance insert in your box or on our website.
  • Can I share it with someone such as my spouce?
    It is intended for use by one person.
  • My recording has a Blue Dot next to it
    The Blue Dot indicates the bluetooth between the phone and the device is connected, but the phone is not connected to a wireless connection so the recording will not be transmitted yet. When the phone is connected to Wifi the recordings will be transmitted and the Blue Dot will turn Red, Yellow, or Green.
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