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The ECG Check monitor is currently backordered.  New orders are not being accepted at this time.  We expect to be taking orders again by March 15th.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our high-quality, high value, user-friendly ECG Check recorder turns your iPhone or Android device into a powerful and flexible heart monitor with automated analysis and reporting.

The new Universal ECG Check device is not tied to any single phones form factor.  It can be attached to your phone or kept separate and will work with any iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Note: Previous devices are no longer being sold, however will continue being supported by the apps on both platforms.

Price: $69.00

  • Easy to use monitor and application
  • Auto start/stop by placing fingers on electrodes
  • Automatic analysis within seconds
  • User-centric data sharing and security
  • User replaceable coin cell battery for months of use
  • Local storage of ECG, report, and analysis
  • HIPAA-compliant web portal for long-term storage, analysis, communication and reporting
  • Ability to access heart data anytime from anywhere

Download User Manual for  Prescription  or  Over The Counter Use

Download Form for enabling Prescription Usage

  • Product name: ECG Check
  • Product model: ECG01-UNI
  • Input Impedance: 1.1 mohm
  • Input Dynamic Range: +/- 3.5mV
  • Transmission mode: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 55mA
  • CMRR: 75db
  • DC Offset Correction: +/- 200mV
  • Bandwidth: 0.5Hz – 25Hz
  • Sample Rate: 200 Hz
  • Dimensions: 118 x 62 x 17mm
  • Net Weight: 40g
  • Power: 1x coin Lithium ion battery 3V CR 2032 
  • Operating temperature: +10 to +40oC (50 to 104oF)
  • Storage and transport temperature: -20 to +65oC (-4 to 149oF)
  • Relative humidity: 30 to 85%


  • Physician must provide prescription w/ NPI number
  • ECG, heart rate, and quality displayed with recording
  • ECG Reports with Analysis
  • Available review by qualified technician or your physician*
  • Ability to share recordings via email or web site
  • Unlimited storage locally and online**
  • Unlimited automated analysis

Over the Counter

  • No prescription required
  • Heart rate and quality displayed with recording
  • Convertible to Prescription at Physician request
  • Available review by qualified technician*
  • Ability to share recordings via email or web site
  • Unlimited storage locally and online**
  • Unlimited automated analysis
* Overread services offered for additional fee. Physician must opt-in to receive recordings
** Unlimited online storage requires a monthly subscription plan