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With ECG Check you can record your heart's ECG/EKG rhythm at home, at work and outdoors. All you need is an iPhone or Android phone, the free mobile app, and ECG Check for $79.99. No need to wear a watch, watch band, or fitness tracker.

ECG Check is for you if you are concerned about your heart rhythm or if you have experienced symptoms that are suggestive of abnormal heart rhythms:

  • skipped beats

  • pounding heart

  • palpitations

  • racing heart

  • irregular pulse

  • lightheadedness or faintness

  • or if you have a history of arrhythmias


When experiencing symptoms, begin recording your ECG.


 Hold the monitor in both hands

Press the blue button to recor

Record for 30 seconds

Enter your health notes

Results show normal (    ), Irregular HR (    ), Unable to read (    ).

For users with a prescription, it displays and stores your ECG rhythm.

Transmit your ECG data to a medical professional via a secure cloud server or email

Results in just 30 seconds

How it works

Side Sensor

for Chest and Leg recordings

You can use ECG Check's  unique 

"side sensor" to record your ECG

from your chest (V1-V6) or left leg (LII).


How the side sensor works

Hold ECG Check's right sensor with your right fingers.

For the V1-V6 positions place the side sensor on your chest.


For the LII position, place the side sensor on your left leg ankle or knee.

Record for 30 seconds.

These positions are often used for recording ECGs with 2-12 lead ECGs and chest patches. Ask your doctor, physician's assistant or RN if this could help.

Other Key Features

Power and convenience for you.

Unlimited free storage

on your phone

Rechargeable battery.

Single charge lasts 9 months under normal use

Bluetooth enabled,

30 ft. range

Compatible with iOS & Android phones and Tablets and more

FDA 510k cleared (K170506) &

CE Marked (0086)

1-Year Limited Warranty

Get yours today

ECG Check is FDA cleared for Over-the-Counter (OTC) use and also with a medical Prescription (Rx)

With Prescription ("Rx")

Users in the USA are required to have a prescription from their Doctor or from an Advance Practice Clinician (which includes Physician's Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)), in order to see and save their ECG on their mobile device.

If you do not have a prescription ("OTC")

  • Use ECG Check in "OTC" mode and see results as Normal (    ), Irregular (    ), Unable to read (    )

  • Request a Rx from your Doctor or from an Advance Practice Clinician (make sure to include the PDF prescription request when you contact your doctor via email or a secure medical portal).


To: My Dear Doctor_and_Advance Practice

Subject: ECG Check Rx

I am very interested in using ECG Check to monitor my heart rhythm at home when I feel light headed or faint, or while we are traveling. I have attached information about how to use ECG Check which is FDA cleared for OTC and Rx use at home. I am requesting a prescription (Rx) so I may see the waveform as it is recording as well as my past saved recordings.

Thank You

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