With ECG Check you can record your heart's ECG/EKG rhythm at home, at work and outdoors. All you need is an iPhone or Android phone, the free mobile app, and ECG Check for $79.99. No need to wear a watch, watch band, or fitness tracker.

 Hold the monitor in both hands

Press the blue button to recor

Record for 30 seconds

Enter your health notes

Results show normal (    ), Irregular HR (    ), Unable to read (    ).

For users with a prescription, it displays and stores your ECG rhythm.

Transmit your ECG data to a medical professional via a secure cloud server or email

Unlimited free storage

on your phone

Rechargeable battery.

Single charge lasts 9 months under normal use

Bluetooth enabled,

30 ft. range

Compatible with iOS & Android phones and Tablets and more

FDA 510k cleared (K170506) &

CE Marked (0086)

1-Year Limited Warranty

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